What to ask when hiring a Fence Company

Would you hire a fence company or do it yourself when you want to put up a fence? Well, there are several factors to consider. Generally, if you are not a DIY enthusiast or don’t have the expertise, the recommendation is to hire an expert in fence installations. So, how do you identify the best Long Island Fence Company that is fit for the job? Don’t worry. This article takes you through what to ask when hiring a fence company.

  • How long has the fence company been in operation?

Research the company’s business history. New companies may be good but still working out their kinks. So the recommendation is a company that has been in business for a reasonable period.

Don’t forget to extend your research further online. Reports and reviews tell a lot about companies.

  • Do you have reviews from past customers?

Ensure you enquire about the company’s past reviews. Visit their web design to cross reference their online reviews.

  • Does the company hold valid operational licenses?

Ensure the company is licensed and authorized to execute such services within your local state. This step prevents you from risks like injuries, accidents, or any shoddy work.

  • Is the company insured?

General liability insurance protects your property if the company employees cause damages. Workers’ compensation insurance takes care of employee injuries and accidents.

  • Does the company offer any warranty?

It is essential to ask about the kind of warranty they offer. You should sign a contract with a company ready to provide a warranty. Warranties saves you repair costs within the warrant window.

Final word

Asking these questions guarantees safe passage to a quality fence company. Besides, it’s for the best of you and the contractor. The questions protect both parties from possible risks.