3 Ways to Prepare for Installing a Fence

Fences are the first line of defense against dangerous animals, trespassers, and thieves. For optimal safety and privacy, they have to be built efficiently. Before you install a fence, it is prudent to prepare before fencing contractors arrive. Adequate preparation makes a fence contractor’s job straightforward; otherwise, they may not install a perfect fence. Here are 3 ways to prepare for installing a fence. Please consult with a Long Island fence company to verify all information pertaining to your install.

1. Locate Property Lines

To minimize conflicts, never assume you know where your property ends; schedule a regular land survey to avoid crouching into other people’s property and subsequent legal consequences. Hire a registered land surveyor to let you know boundaries based on zoning board records. You can mark your lines using strings, flags, or visible paints. You can also involve your neighbors to solve any possible concerns. Since fence construction can be noisy, involving neighbors will promote peace as they will be aware of potential disturbances.

2. Clean the Yard

Although your yard may be in perfect shape due to regular maintenance, it can still have components that interfere with work. Ensure it is free from stray debris such as tree debris or anything that can injure the fencing crew. Be sure to remove all large rocks, low-hanging branches, tree stumps, and weeds.

Cleaning also involves the relocation of movable lawn furniture, flower pots, and other decorative items in the yard. Be sure they are out the way of the fencing crew to minimize the risk of accidental damage.

3. Mark outs

Mark out all electricity lines, water and sewerage lines. Identifying and marking these lines is crucial to ensure they are not hit accidentally by the fencing crew. Suppose you wish to have some parts of your property inaccessible to the fencing team; mark them. Mark anything unfamiliar or potentially hazardous to the fencing crew with warning signs or visible writing.